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Child therapy


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Pediatric Therapy


Speech & Feeding  |  Occupational  |  Physical

Our team at Lori Kilpatrick Pediatric Therapy is staffed with multiple disciplines including speech, physical and occupational therapists who collaborate together to help your child reach developmental milestones and their full potential. We have a wonderful support staff who work with you on scheduling and answering any insurance questions you may have. 


Our commitment is partnering with you in caring for one of the most important individuals in your life, your child. Early intervention is truly the key to success and we would love to make a difference in your child's life! We'll develop a plan of care that's right for your child and their unique needs. Throughout your child's treatment, our expert therapy team will share each step of your child's progress with you. We do this for the proven positive effects that are created when families are involved in a child's therapy. Your involvement is vital to the success of their therapy. Please feel free to contact us if you think your child may benefit from our services or if you have any questions. 

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